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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Book Review: The Magic Cottage by James Herbert

ISBN: 0 330 37625 X
Publisher: Pan Books an imprint of Macmillan Publishers Ltd
Website: www.panmacmillan.com
Copyright © James Herbert 1986
393 Pages, Paperback

I was expecting a horror story, as James Herbert is pretty famous for those, but I didn’t really get one with this book. I wasn’t disappointed though I just had to switch my expectations to another track.

Mike Stringer, the narrator of this tale, and his partner Midge (Margaret) Gudgeon relocate from busy London to the countryside, close to the New Forest. Their new home is Gramarye, a run down cottage set in woodland and close to the village of Cantrip. Odd though it may seem when they eventually move in, but the cottage wasn’t in such disrepair as they first thought, and the woodland animals are all so very friendly, almost tame.

Life is good, but there are bad times coming. The people from the Synergist Temple begin to call. The vicar from Cantrip comes with dire warnings. And just who exactly is that dark figure who keeps watching the house?

This was an enjoyable and easy read for me. Having read most of James Herbert’s books old and new I wasn’t surprised that the story greeted me like an old friend. Characters were funny and real, even the ones that weren’t human.

The story runs along and takes you with it, there are twists and turns but you can usually see them coming so they don’t come as any great surprise. An easy read but not one to stay in the mind after it’s finished and put back on the book shelf.

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