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Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Birthday Gift (Calliope Experiment #1)

The Birthday Gift
Jacquie Reaville

"Garden Gnomes?" I looked at the wrapping paper spilled on the floor and then examined the box again "Three Garden Gnomes!"

"Do you like them?" He asked.

Swallowing my original retort and pasting a smile on my face I turned and replied that they were lovely. May the gods not strike me dumb for the lie. The three children looked so happy and excited sitting at the kitchen table, still piled high with last nights empty wine glasses and party plates.

"We saw them in the shop and asked Mom to buy them for us, I knew you’d like them, but they’re not gnomes Auntie they’re elves." Nathan grinned his gap toothed grin, and I couldn’t help but smile for real.

I looked at the picture on the box and noticed that although the lettering proclaimed gnomes they were in fact not the rotund, garishly coloured little men with beards that I’d thought. "You know I think you’re right" I said.

"Fairies!" said Chloe

"Pixels!" shouted Emily through a mouthful of milk so as not to be outdone by her older siblings.

Nathan rolled his eyes "That’s pixies Em" he said, patiently wiping the milk spatter from his sleeve.

Emily nodded and took another drink. I turned away again to hide the smile that was rapidly growing into a silly grin. They always had this effect on me, my sister’s three babies, even when hung over like this morning.

"Well where do you think they should live?" I asked, "Under the Lilac tree, next to the fish pond, or what about by the rose bushes?"

"Kismas Tree" said Emily, thankfully without an accompaniment of milk.

I looked through the kitchen window at my garden, and found the row of old Christmas trees planted after each December’s festivities were finished. They were doing quite well surprisingly, and there was a bare piece of ground beneath them. I picked up the box, and moved to the back door, "Come on then!" I called as I walked outside. There was a scraping of chairs and the inordinately loud sound of scrabbling feet as the three scamps followed me.

Chloe ran on ahead and started clearing some of the pine needles from the ground "Just here, right here" she said pointing. I looked and saw a slight depression almost a circle or ring, shaking my head at the coincidence I opened the box and took the figures out one by one. When they were placed to everyone’s satisfaction we all stood back and looked at the tableaux. I had to admit that they did make a pretty scene.

Emily walked around the three figures and peered into their eyes then she nodded and said matter of factly "Happy here".

Nathan chuckled softly "Well that’s all right then" he said, taking her hand. Chloe moved over and grasped Emily’s other hand, and three pairs of eyes turned to look at me.

"I suppose they should have names" I said.

"Well yeah" said Chloe, tapping her foot.

Emily smiled, and then she pulled her hands free and sat down cross legged on the grass. Her brother and sister sat with her. I looked from one to the other and then with a soft sigh I sat down too.

"How do garden fairies get their names?" I asked.

Nathan chuckled again "Don’t know Auntie Imp, but I really hope you’re going to tell us" He said.

569 Words

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