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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Book Review for The Prisoner of Zenda by Anthony Hope

ISBN: 978-0141031286
Publisher: Penguin Red Classics
Website: www.penguinclassics.co.uk
Anthony Hope 1894
208 Pages, Paperback

When reading I found myself surprised at how quickly and well the story unfolded, told as a narrative by Rudolf Rassendyll, the principal character, it skipped along quickly and drew me in without much effort, so much so that I read it at one sitting.

I greatly enjoyed his adventures in Ruritania, the humour, the deviousness and towards the latter part of the book the pathos. The characters were well drawn and although it was first published in 1894 it appeared to me that the style seemed timeless.

The plot is well known, an Englishman meets the crown prince of Ruritania and due to a romantic encounter, many years before, by a member of the Rassendylls and a member of the Elphbergs, it means that the two men are distant cousins, but more fortuitously it turns out, they also look so alike as to be mistaken one for the other, and so the story unfolds.

If you want adventure this is a good book to read, swashbuckling, chivalry, bravery and honour with romance and a choice of villainous enemies. Most enjoyable.

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