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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Where's Milo?

I thought everyone might appreciate this. As I've mentioned before my dog will sometimes lick book covers, mainly second hand books, he's not that interested in new ones. I guess the used ones have more flavour! Well tonight he's gone one better I think.

I lost him tonight. My sister and I were looking everywhere and eventually I came to the conclusion that he had somehow got into the garden and then escaped from there. I was heading to my room to get my phone prior to going out to look for him.

I opened the bedroom door.

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry because there he was. I had to grab my phone quickly and take a snap....

He obviously fell asleep while he was reading!

I hasten to add that he is not allowed on my bed, not that he cares, especially if I'm not around, and obviously I wasn't around. Guess I'll be washing bed clothes tomorrow.


  1. I do appreciate your lovely post. Thanks.


  2. Thanks Philip

    As I said before I'm still laughing over the Australian Tourism Site's comments you sent me. So is my sister for that matter.

  3. Laughing is a drastic medicine for our health. Keep on smiling.



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