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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Impy for best... goes to!

This is just a bit of fun, you get the golden globes, emmy's, oscars even razzies so I thought an Impy for video clips that make me smile, laugh, cry or hide behind the sofa.

First for animation, I absolutely adore this video its so well made but it does make me sniffle a little. This is the original I believe not one that someone has taken and added a sound track to.


Public Information Films. I'm not sure when this appeared on our TV screens I only know that I remember it as a child and it did it's job, scared me silly. I think it may be Donald Pleasance doing the voice over but don't quote me on that.

Dark and Lonely Water

Music. I found these set of clips and just couldn't choose so I've used a complilation. I love these guys they are so talented and so very funny. It's a long vid though about 8 minutes.

Igudesman and Joo and A little Nightmare Music.

Comedy. I have two selections first it is my all time favourite Eddie Izzard. I actually saw this particular show, when I came out of the theatre I resembled a panda, tears of laughter had made my mascara run.

Eddie Izzard - Machines That Lie

And comedy again Bill Bailey, not really sure how to explain him, so I'll let this clip do it.

Bill Bailey - Chaucer Pubbe Gagge

I think that will do for tonight, hope you get around to watching these and enjoy at least some of them.

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