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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Book Review: Veil of Darkness by Gillian White

ISBN: 0-7531-6617-8
Publisher: Isis Publishing Ltd
Website: www.isis-publishing.co.uk
Copyright © Gillian White 1999
408 Pages, Paperback

Three “damaged” women meet at a Cornish Hotel where they have all gone for one reason or another to work, or more honestly, to escape. Whilst there, they find an old book, long forgotten, and are captivated and fixated by it. The story is how that book changes their lives. Changes for the better or are they really for worse?

Now when I was reading I had real difficulty in liking any of the three main characters. They didn’t really have my support though under the circumstances sympathy and support should have been there. I can only presume that it was the way the characters were written, compassion seemed to have been left out, and unfortunately I began to dislike and be irritated by them.

The story was a surprise, and it was based on a very good idea, but I can’t say that I enjoyed it. I especially didn’t enjoy the last two pages which seemed to me as if they’d been hurriedly written to finish off a story that didn’t need finishing. I believe the book would have benefited without it.

So my opinion - a surprising storyline that did keep you guessing, but not a good read.

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